Sunday, October 18, 2009

Rockstar Batch Dinner

So work-loaded lately, I wanna write LOTS but just don’t have the drive.

I’ve always had this aversion to public displays of my personal photos on the blog, hence the lack of photos so far. But I’ve been talking about the dinner here for the past two posts so why not?

This was the look I was goin for, fierce face and everything.


Changed the look a little, and this is what I’ve got:



A Shout out: HELLO YOU TWO!!!!


legs The shoes.

So yeah. Just thought I’d share. And yeah, it was a great night. An escape from the place of no water, no internet, no file sharing, and gtalk is main communication line because mobile phone’s one is for emergency only.

ok I’ll stop whining now. But SERIOUSLY. SIGHS. I wish they could live up to their name!!

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