Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kia Ora!


I’m back from the beautiful New Zealand and still feel like sleeping at 8pm. Ah small matter. Funny thing is, coming back here I made a conclusion about a couple of things: Malaysia has the best food anywhere in the world and New Zealanders do not rely on cars.

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Therefore, going anywhere after this, I won’t bother trying expensive food out of Malaysia because there’s a wider choice and it’s value for money man. When travelling on a budget, you’re not supposed to be thinking of eating 5 star food anyway, but just to know that you can find the tastiest food in Malaysia keeps me happy during travelling.

Another thing I mentioned is that New Zealanders do not rely on cars. Their streets are empty compared to KL’s. It’s the same thing as when I was in Tokyo last time. So… developed countries do not rely on motocars. Upholding the country’s vision of a developed country, I’m buying a super nice bicycle. Maybe one of those electric ones to cycle to shops and stuff. I shall also be considerate on the road---give way to cars, and stop at red lights. That shouldn’t be too difficult now, shouldn’t it?

P/s: Yela Im ganna write bout that night I got flashed by a guy in Auckland -_- in later posts kay.


Nickelodean said...

wow... seronoknya adilah.. hadiah grad ke?

Ms Pearl said...

food + malaysia = heaven! heheheh
hello from Ms Pearl

Adil said...

nikki: x... mmg plan dh lama :D

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