Friday, November 20, 2009

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I don’t like everything that I write. So I deleted. Period. Emo.

Here’s a link to something yummilicious:

Amr Diab! I’ve been obsessed with all this music genres for the longest time. Arabic, Indian, Pakistan, Japanese, you name it. I’ve only gotten a few of them but I like them. They’re like jewels in my playlist! One more paper to go then I won’t be so out of my head anymore and I’ll get to go back to my wonderland. Yippie!

Oh gosh. I’m bein so inconsistent with my writing. I meant to write a lot of stuff but when I just psych myself up to write, I always end up staring at a blank page for 10 minutes. Either that or furiously deleting every sentence I write. What a fruitless effort.

I’m better off rambling this way. I’m actually really good at rambling useless random stuff. Anything that comes to mind just ramble on. In fact in school I was often told off by teachers in class cause I’m always talking to my friends when the teachers were teaching. But my friends didn’t mind you know? Yeah I remember now. It used to be so fun and free.

I also used to talk alot in class during foundation years because I had this one friend who could totally relate and we’d talk on and on and on, like non-stop during classes and other times. Then you know, I tried talking to others also in class but usually the response will be shush. Or wait 5 minutes, I gotta listen to this. I used to think I had ADHD because my attention span would be 15 minutes tops before I got bored and wanting to bounce off the lecture chairs. But over the years, I guess that changed. I grew up into being the person that listens to lectures. Like, whatever.

The funny thing is, I swear I could listen to what the teacher is teaching while I talk to my friends. That happens alot of times. If I’m reading my "petroleum exploration” notes, great ideas come into my head and swimming and teasing me to take a hold of it. I’d start seeing my future pathway, what I’m ganna do after graduation, topics I could write on my blog, new clothes I’d love to buy, my to-do list. I’d also suddenly remember the plates that haven’t been washed, the hamsters that haven’t been fed, the word I was searching for last night, lady gaga’s new song. It’s freaking distracting I tell you. It’s like oh great, when I need my brain capacity the most, all this mumbo jumbos come knocking on the brain door. You know what I mean.

So yeah. I’m heading off now. I’m going to write more hopefully during the holidays cause I’ve got no more excuses then! Take care. xoxo

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