Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

I thought it’s coming out 20th November in Malaysia. Turns out it’s on the 26th. My friend was really excited about going to see the movie today, since she’s finished her final exams but was all “it’s not out yet…” I’m of course still cooped up in the room a.k.a. nest.

I found this Jimmy Kimmel interview with the trio from Twilight, or rather New Moon fame. Taylor Lautner is cute. The interview is really funny, it had me in stitches. You have to watch. Here. Oh and make sure you watch part 2, 3, 4 as well.

Btw, I plan to watch the movie on the day it comes out in the movies but I’ll be going back kampung because of aidiladha. Tough luck I guess. I’ve watched people’s review on Youtube. I don’t normally do that but this is a special case cause I’ve read the whole twilight series which is pretty much the biggest spoiler already.

Just a short post to break the monotony of RESERVOIR ENGINEERING. *cue scary ghost songs* Ok take care!

1 comment:

Katelin said...

oh i hadn't seen this interview yet, super cute.

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