Friday, November 27, 2009

My Funny Hamster

First off, Happy Eiduladha!

I’m back in my kampung in Perak. We just had lunch, kari kepala ikan. The past two days had been travelling days. First I drove back from Ipoh to KL; then the following morning me and my family drove back from KL to north of Perak.

Two days ago when I got back from UTP, my mom and brother just came back from the vet. Milo is sick. She got her antibiotics shot and the doctor said she’ll recover. The day after that, her condition got worse so we took her back to Perak with us. Now she can barely eat, her eyes are watery and open, and her mouth is really swollen. She’s holding up, but I don’t know until when. She can’t eat anything hard, so I boil an egg for her. Milo is almost 2. She’s the most assertive and strong willed hamster ever. She’s given birth to almost 20 pups so far and most of them lived. I just can’t stand seeing her suffer like this. My brother (who’s least attached to the hamsters) even said he’s sorry looking at her. Cause she looks so beat up, it breaks my heart!

I look at these hamsters almost everyday and they’re really funny and cute. And when you’ve taken care of one for almost 2 years, I dunno. I wish the doctor could operate on her but she couldn’t. They never operate hamsters. They’re too delicate and small.

I just hope she gets better. I apologize for the somber mood on this auspicious day. But I just needed to write about her anyway, to get it off my chest.

P/s: I’ll post pics of my eiduladha soon. Take care everyone~

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