Friday, January 8, 2010

How To Have a Beautiful Mind

OK. I totally ripped off the title from a book.

If you’re anything like me, you’d have book genre seasons. What it means is that, you’d stay away from certain genres and you’d really have the fire to plow through another. This month I’m staying away from fiction and going into non-fiction.

Hard to explain. It’s like suddenly getting tired of chocolate chip ice-cream (as if) and preferring strawberry or something.

Well the good thing is, I’m not putting anymore dragon/witches/vampire boyfriend/death wish ideas into the grand head (now you have an idea of last season). Bad thing is, this non-fiction business is having me spend ALOT more. Plus I'm not easily content with one measly book. Psshh. And I don’t borrow, ‘cause I tend to have oops—roti canai dal spill moments and the apologizing, the admitting to clumsiness just gets old.

Whereas with my own book, I can just burn when something spills on it. Just kidding –_-

Anywaaays, if you used to be a lucky son of a gun who turned into an old fart who just lost his job or a young fart who got kicked out of school or you’re just simply someone who needs that motivation down there in the dumps, then you’d better pick up this book:-

how strabucks

How Starbucks Saved My Life, by Michael Gates Gill

Inspiring indeed. One great read indeed.

Somebody uploaded this image to a forum from which I downloaded. Apparently he takes the book wherever he goes and loves the book so much that you can see scratches at the bottom from him trying to pull out the book when it got run over by a bike. What else could explain those marks on the book?

Either that or the guy has some serious unresolved issues with Michael Gill.

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