Thursday, September 16, 2010

Eid Mubarak



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Had to bring down the last post because the pics were blergh I couldn’t stand it.


Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Maher Zain

This ramadhan, listen to the Swedish man, Maher Zain =)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Masjid Putrajaya is THE Place To Be


Of all mosques in Klang Valley, you should try praying at the Putrajaya mosque. The imam reads beautifully like a lullaby, air-conditioned (top of the list!), with fine & intricately carved (pasted?) walls. You know you’ve found the ideal mosque when the environment inside just makes you wanna pray and live there!

Like my dad said, ‘the place makes it easier to be khusyuk’.


The environment reminds me of UTP mosque. Miss that mosque. You have no idea what I used that mosque for. Besides praying of course. UTP is a very hot place, no? The afternoons were especially killer. Me and some course mates used to study there. We’d take our books, head to 2nd floor and unwind our scarves. Then in between breaks we played leg wrestling. Don’t ask what weirdo activity that is.


Still Putrajaya mosque, not UTP mosque. Sorry for diverting from topic! There was this one incident where I went to the mosque a second time. At the time I was wearing a long bit-clingy top and jeans and was told to put on a robe going in. I was like hell no! What you think I am? A mosque tourist? What more the robe handed to me was bright pink and reminded me of barbie swan princess. I wore my telekung and case closed. Later I saw two girls walking in the mosque wearing the pink robes, looking like Queen Amidala meets Barbie. More power to them.

masjidentr putra

Gohgeous simply gohgeous. By the way the malls are getting crazier with mega/raya/warehouse sales--- I say do focus shopping and go get the best deal out there because a good buy makes you feel good but bad ones make you feel like poop.

Hope everyone had a swell weekend…

Friday, September 3, 2010

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Last Weekend At Bangi

Last weekend, the dad, the mom, the two brothers and I slept in Bangi. Bangi is what you could say a quaint little town. So many eating places to choose from, and everything has its own specialty. I found three shops that had ‘halal’ in its name. That helps I guess, considering there are even rumors of Sushi & McDonalds not being halal. I know… say whaaaa?

I played around with the camera continuous shot to make a motion capture video. It plays for only one minute but I got a thousand stares especially when shouting “HOLD IT, HOLD IT, DON’T WALK SO FAAAST!” in a densely packed PKNS complex. Snap 10x.

P.s.: Thanks to Elvis’s song, you can’t play the video here. Go watch on you tube instead. What a selfish tube.

P.p.s: Ariani is having a crazy sale. Go check out. Can you say buy one free one?!?

P.p.p.s: I switched to Vimeo platform because youtube might bring down my video. I dunno. Enjoy!

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