Friday, January 28, 2011

Medan On New Year’s


On New Year’s, I flew to Medan, Indonesia for work. Eventhough it was for work, it felt more like a spa holiday.


Medan apparently is not quite done with Christmas yet.


The best part was, me and my colleagues get to stay in JW Marriott and have queen sized beds each!


When I go to a hotel, first thing that I check will be the beds. Once satisfied, I go to the bathroom. And the bathroom had a big clear glass facing the beds, intended obviously for. Third thing to do was to find the shutters so we could have bathroom privacy!


I didn’t wanna get out of the room…



Does this sight makes you wanna exercise till you drop?


While we were there, we made our 2nd home in the jacuzzi and steam room. Sorry no pictures of that.

jfois foodddd

Ate at Garuda restaurant.


So not over christmas.


That’s it for my work/short spa trip to Medan! Btw we only stayed overnight, so we only went to one shopping mall. Couldn’t say much about the city, but one day, I would like to visit Lake Toba. Who has been there?

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