Saturday, January 15, 2011

Thoughts On Marriage & Stuff

*WARNING* Lots of random blab and exposé ahead!

I just got back from a really really really really good…a w forget it more than friends’s sister’s wedding reception. It’s the wedding season again. A few friends got hitched and one got engaged all within last month. My veeeery close cousin got married when she was 21 and she’s now mom of two cute little guys and one of my best friends got married around the time I was busy doing project reports and she has a daughter who’s two this year.

You know, everytime I hear someone getting married, I will be like, good for them, I wish them all the best. I don’t like the idea of getting married too early myself and I don’t really like the fuss and the money spent on making that “wedding of the year”. I actually like the idea of kawin lari to escape the money expense and all that jazz but it’s easier said then done. It would be good to kawin lari, then update Facebook status over the weekend: married.

Getting married is like getting a job placement. And you’re one of those people waiting to get a job. You know the buzz you get when you hear someone has “gotten a job”. OH THE HORROR. WHen am I ganna get a job?????? WHen is the company ganna call me???!!!!!! WHen when when!!!!! JUmp out of the building!!! Well not quite.. but close.

I’ve learned through experience… don’t rush anything. Don’t rush getting a job, don’t rush eating, don’t rush on the road, don’t rush to the toilet. Just don’t rush!!!!! But at the same time, you’re ganna be like, oh god. When’s it my time. But really you’re just comparing yourself to other people, and not really considering your position. By “your” I mean, “my” ok? Just to get that clear.

So everyone’s so gung ho bout getting married, but what happens after? Can I imagine living with the same person until I die? Like, I get bored of seeing the same person in my face everyday so how do I handle living with that person for the rest of my life? What about money…. do I have enough to stay married and to buy a Volkswagen Beetle? Research says wait until after 25 to make a rational decision about getting married to avoid divorce or *cringe* kahwin dua so is that how long I should wait?

The reason why I suddenly felt like talking about this topic is because how do I start. I knew this one guy since I was 16. To put it lightly—we’ve long established ourselves as more than friends—so long that this will be the 7th year. HM. 7th year itch. Like that Marilyn Monroe movie. OK so 7 years is not short, in fact it’s so long that the 56k modem has gone through many makeovers that it’s now UNIFI. Bush has become Obama. My friend broke up, found new guy, got married, pop out a kid and moved to Pakistan. That long. OK?

And today, for the first time in that close to 7 years, I met all the members of his family. FIRST TIME. Boom. Learned their faces half a decade ago, and knew their names and meeting everyone in the flesh. SEGAN. TAKUT. OMG. OVEREACTING MUCH. Salam2, eat, take pictures, eat, salam2, thanked everybody, and there you have it, I’ve just revealed another milestone in my life. Welcome 2011!

Thanks for reading. Signing out!


Sabrina said...

remember our emails? Dia ke? =)

All the best for 2011!

Adil said...

yes! thanks!

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