Monday, January 17, 2011

Super Big Deal

I’ve been spending money like crazy the past few weeks! Must be the work pressure and the only way to feel adrenaline. Must be! Now I’m dead broke! Weeeeeeeee!

I just bought a book. Among the thousands other reading materials I bought (I’m a hardcore bookworm, take it or leave it), this book is the one book that I know nothing about before buying. I didn’t read the summary and I didn’t take a peek inside (book’s still cling-wrapped). I haven’t even heard of the book before.


Mystery, mystery

It’s all my mom’s fault. She said, “you have 10 minutes”. Well, she had to say that because I could stay in the bookstore for 8 hours. I ran to the fiction side and decided between a David Baldacci book and a book with a scary lady on the front. Then in a split second, I saw this book and liked the way it sounds fairytale-y so I bought it.

I might be off-the-rail wrong and the book could be about Nazis and war but who cares? I think this is how love at first sight happens… You gung ho fall in love, find out the person is 360 degrees different that what you initially thought, then you break up.

Btw I don’t believe in love at first sight. They’re just bollocks.


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