Sunday, January 23, 2011

What I’m Saying Is…

weekend love!

When I go shopping, I will try to arrive at the moment that they open the doors and go home in the afternoon. Reason is, one, you get to beat the crowd. Two, you don’t have to pray in the mall.

I’ve long had this dislike about praying in the mall. Not only is the surau usually ill-kept but you can never pray in peace. I really don’t understand why some people make suraus their hang out place aka mamak stall no. 2.

Obviously, I don’t know what’s going on in the guy’s area and I’m not finger pointing but 100% of everytime I get into suraus, you’ll get an aura that you have just stepped into a happening eating place.

Do you really have to share beauty tips in the surau? Do you really have to tell everyone in the surau that your friend’s stepsister’s fiance is a bi***? Or compare the clothes you bought? Or do you have to take up so much space in the little box of a surau when you can’t even pray?

For goodness sake, it’s a praying room so please respect everybody who wants some peace to p-r-a-y.

I might have done it in the past when I was young and stupid but I realized that what I was doing was so annoying!

Please people, be considerate and others will be considerate to you! This is community message and together with the Hitz crew, we care about you!

p/s: This weekend is more of a tough love and I know would never cover this topic. Har har.

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