Sunday, February 17, 2013

Dear 30 Year Old Me

It’ll be less than 5 years from now, but I hope you’re not the same person as I am now (I hope you look as young as I do though!) I hope you are 30 times better than I am now, someone I can look up to. I don’t know where will life take us. But I do know that you’re still dreaming big and aiming for the stars.

So how’s the family doing? How’s Chanel? Any kids yet? Will our first be a boy or a girl? Am I juggling work and family well? Is the husband working for a multinational company in a high flying position? So um, how’s the mandarin going? Are we healthy? Do we still go on weekend hikes or exercise together? Do I finally cook a mean soto ayam? Have we prepared for Haji? Are we living the life???

I know, too many questions. It’s like a good book I guess. You read chapter by chapter, trying to guess what’s what but you end up with more questions than answers. That is, until you get to one point when everything is revealed. I wonder if everything will be revealed at 30. Or maybe that’s just too young still. Maybe when I’m 60 or 70 I’ll be able to look back on my life and smile. It doesn’t matter. I just hope that you’re on the right path and that you’re happy.

I hope you’re treating both sets of parents well. I hope you make husband’s favorite mint tea everyday and still be his best friend. We’ve long established the secret of togetherness yeah? It’s honesty. Always, always. SHARE. Tell the truth. Communicate. Ego-less. Patience. Try not to be so annoying when you argue. Don’t try to be such a smart-a**. For goodness sake don’t go on a rampage because you’re making things WORSE. Have you learned how to say sorry without looking like you’ve just tasted a pinch of lemon? I really hope so. You have to be better than I AM.

I know you hate to look back. But don’t forsake where you come from. Don’t ever forget the people who left a mark in your life. Always have fun. Remember first year in college when you got stuck in Ipoh during midnight with friends and you took a shoddy cab that drove too fast, has no air cond or seat belt with a door that wouldn’t close? You and your friends were kinda terrified but laughed so loud once you made it back. Ok bad example, that was potentially dangerous.

Don’t forget God. Remember that you’re returning to him sooner or later, so get your act together.

Well you know I could write forever but mostly it'll be questions. You can’t help me out with that, can you? Because you’ll have your own questions then. Whatever it is, whatever life throws at us, I just hope to be steadfast and be the best khalifah we can in this world. That’s the reason why we’re here anyway isn’t it? We’re merely weak human beings on this vast land. Everything that we own while alive means nothing when we die. The only thing that matters is how much good you’ve done while living. O I really hope you’ve shared a lot of goodness. Inspired people to be their best. That sort of thing ya know?

Last words, always have the courage to be yourself ;)


Geekazoid said...

a good post is a good post, and this is a good one, as far as posts go.

Adil said...

you think the others are superficial eh? well superficial is more fun. haha.

Geekazoid said...

i said no such thing. make-up, interior decorating... not exactly my interests.. i like travelling though, but reading about other people travelling, not quite. haha.

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