Friday, February 1, 2013

Weekend Round-up: Online Shopping

Who doesn’t adore online shopping? Saves time and in most cases, money. Because face it, if you stroll the mall to find pants, you’ll find pants and ten more items. Worst case scenario, you find ten other items minus the pants. Happened to anyone else before?………. Maybe it’s just me =_=

Anyways, a few criteria to the list.

1. Consistent good customer service & good feedback.

2. Active website (meaning, the website refreshes their product frequently and we don’t have to wait until election for updates)

3. Having a proper shopping cart and check-out system. Allows payment via many channels.

That’s it! Now on to the list of the best online shopping in Malaysia.



NUMERO UNO. the Pop Look.

Okay I know that everyone knows them, but I just have to mention the pop look because they’re too awesome and they NEVER dissappoint.

Buy: chiffon and jersey dresses, accessories & their pants. Recently they came up with a hijab line!

penny-chiffon-maxi-dress-black-mini-polka slinky-pleat-maxi-mustard


DOS. Fashion Valet!!!

Love love love. Stalking Malaysian designers collection has never been easier.

Buy: Statement necklaces and one of a kind tops. Keep an eye for festival season like raya etc, eye popping collection.

as000165_coral lvw00074_c zz001468_dts000154_d


TRES. Radiusite!!

Sigh. To buy hijab in your pajamas. Couldn’t get better.

Buy: Many types of tudung at affordable prices. Casual & dressy. Also inner hijab.



CUATRO. Azorias

Sophistication is their middle name.

Buy: Preppy clothing for work or play. Check out especially their blouses. Theirs are very well made.

_d3x8902  andy_kho_0960


Er. NUMBER FIVE. Alhumaira Contemporary

So many designs to choose from! So colorful!

Buy: Muslimah wear including scarves and tops




So there you have it. I love online shopping but sometimes you can’t really trust certain websites. Dodgy selling and all. These are okay!

Check back next week for another 5 top online shopping websites!

Disclaimer: Credits for photos goes to respective websites and does not belong to me. Clicking on the pics will take you to their shopping sites.

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