Friday, July 5, 2013

What? We’re Mar-ried!! Okay? Married!!

Happy 6 months pregnant to me! I know I know I’ve been neglecting the blog for a long time. There’s also been a severe lack of photos as of late. I’m more content of people taking my photos than me taking my own. And when I said ‘people’, most of the time I’m referring to my husband. And hubby does not take photos ever. Pronto.

If one day we look back, he’ll be like, ‘hmm I wonder why we didn’t have more photos at that time.’ I’ll be like, ‘Well I was busy being preggers, what’s your excuse?’.

No I’m serious.

For all the enthusiastic purchase of an SLR camera, lenses, a compact camera, a polaroid camera; we’re pretty pathetic at actually using them. In fact year 2013 is pretty much summed up in my iphone camera album. Which the last time I counted was about 700 pieces. Then 600 of them was from year 2012. And most of the remaining are photos of my cat and other people’s babies. Oh--and the sky. Like I said, pathetic.

On a different note, lately I’ve been annoyed at people thinking that I’m younger than my age. Like, student young. Sometimes I even pass as a form 5-er. Annoooyed. Another implication of that is people thinking me and hubs aren’t a married couple, instead merely a couple.

Like the other day when hubs got admitted into the hospital for food poisoning. He stayed for 4 days. Half of that time, the doctor and nurses were rude to me. Rude as in, when coming for hourly checkups, the doctor doesn’t even look at me while explaining. While answering my question. And the nurses come in with surly expressions only annoying oranges are capable of giving.

So it turns out that they thought we weren’t married. They thought we were students. And imagine what they were thinking when they saw me on hub’s bed beside him. We were watching TV okay. We nerds were watching National Geographic okay. Anyway the nurses couldn’t have looked more sour. Lemons couldn’t be that sour.

Sheesh they could’ve looked closer at the STATUS on the form hubs signed before being admitted. They could’ve but they didn’t. How’d they find out? Because I casually mentioned ‘my husband’ to the doctor and you wouldn’t believe it, she actually responded with ‘husband? OWHH HUSBAND KERR’. So then I supposed she finally checked his patient file thoroughly because the next time she came, she was all smiley and chatty. Same goes with the nurses.

You can say that I’m glad that I’m starting to look pregnant because hopefully that would stop people from thinking we’re merely college couples. Though the other day, a pakcik actually asked whether I’ve got a boyfriend or not. Seriously dude? Owh I felt like flashing the guy with my bump and say pokcik I’m closer to 30 than 20, I’ve been married for 1 half years, and I’m 5 months preggers! Though that would be extremely unlady-like and would probably get me in trouble for harassing the elderly.

So I just simply smiled and said, I’m married, uncle.

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