Friday, September 6, 2013

Hello Third Trimester

To be honest, I haven’t given too much thought on my due date, thinking it’s eons away. Then my iphone app updated me with a happy email stating 'welcome to the last trimester!’. I was like, shoots. I was so busy with other things that I didn’t even let myself to think about baby. That’s how good my first and second trimester was.

Apart from the insistent tappings and kicks from baby as if to say “hi, don’t you forget about me!”, it was as if nothing had changed. I didn’t feel the extra weight my body was gaining, nor do I feel braxton hicks.

I suppose in the beginning hubs told me not to get too excited, because the pregnancy was still new—and many things could happen. As we progressed week by week, sadly I heard pregnant comrades losing their bundles of joy. I was anxious for like a week. Then I realize that feeling anxious is not good for baby’s development so I basically stopped thinking about the what-ifs.

Instead of being afraid, I simply lived on automatic, doing things doctors tell me to but actually guarding myself from getting attached to this pregnancy. If that sounds a bit extreme well, it kept me going and got me pre-occupied with other productive things and I believe, actually allowed baby to bake happily. And of course, at the back of my head, I realized that these things have been pre-ordained… that if it’s meant to be, it will be. Insyallah right?

Then third trimester rolled in. It was like a switch was turned on. I actually started feeling the weight in my belly, literally like you’re carrying a sack but using your belly, if that makes sense. Then there was Ramadan fasting which took a real toll. I was doubling in pain at night by the 5th day of fasting. Turns out I had gastric. Also during the following checkup doctor said I’ve contracted UTI. It was mild, though, and was told by doctor to triple my fluid intake. So I brought water bottles everywhere I went.

I was used to going out at long stretches at a time but now limiting myself to going out only in the morning and staying indoors in the afternoon, if possible. Also the other day husband pointed out that I was waddling. And jokingly said that I’m super huge. Thanks a lot!

Then came baby stuff shopping. Not bit by bit, but in huge chunks after realizing that my due date was in less than 3 months! In my diary, 3 months is like 3 weeks because of my crazy schedule so I basically went all out crazy on the baby supplies, readily stocking them at my parent’s place where I’ll be having my confinement. At first I thought of buying only very basic things, like the cot, diapers, some baby clothes.

Simple right? But nooo…. there’s the stroller, car seat, towels, toiletries, bottles…. the list can go on and on… Also if you ask different people, they have their opinion on what’s important. I’ve got a feeling that once baby comes, I’ll have to buy more stuff. I dunno. Maybe not… What do you think?

My close friend once told me that she truly felt pregnant only for 3 months. Now I know exactly what she means! In reality, the final trimester is only 3 months, but it feels like forever! The nights are really uncomfortable sometimes… Think how it is to have a 2kg sack in your tummy and you’ll know a new meaning of tossing and turning in your sleep.

As for the good stuff—you’re constantly being reminded of the baby because their kicks really do shake your stomach like you wouldn’t believe. You don’t have to touch to know, because the movement can be seen from across the room! Then there’s the 3D ultrasound that shows really clear photos of the baby… I still can’t believe the baby in the photos is in my tummy! It’s soo surreal.

Actually, my doctor did a short 3D ultrasound when I was about 5 months along. When the doctor printed out the photo, immediately the word ‘alien’ came into my mind. And that’s what I worriedly tell the doctor. I was all, “Umm doctor… I don’t like 3D ultrasound because it makes the baby look alien-ish. Let’s just stick to 2D ultrasound from now on…” The doctor actually laughed and simply said that it’s still very early and ‘fetus’ haven’t accumulated fat yet. Turns out that in the 2nd trimester, baby only has 2% body fat whereas full term babies have 20-35% body fat!

Anyway, it’s not that long now.. I have about a month and half to go, plus minus 2 weeks according to some. It’s kind of a relief to be in final trimester actually because you can start planning for baby’s arrival and at the same time, people only expect you to eat a lot. Yeah I’ll talk about eating while pregnant sometime. Quite interesting.

Hope I get the time and willpower to share about eating and other stuff before I go into labor. LOL. Things are so hectic!!!

Till then, take care!

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