Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mommy Tired of Tantrums

When Naila turned two, not surprisingly she started the whole rolling on the floor tantrum episode. Some things trigger it faster. Like passing by the indoor playground. Or when mommy wants to do work.

In one episode, she actually jumped out of her stroller, rolled on the floor and threw her shoes. Okay do you know how tiring that is? It’s so tiring you wanna scream your head off. But you don’t. Instead you just take a deep sigh and join the other spectators watching your daughter do an impressive long throw.

Then when you finally summoned the energy, you walk up to her. Carry the little screaming banshee into the stroller and wrestle for 5 minutes to get her buckled up.

So since then, I choose my battles. Places I’m going to CANNOT have an indoor playground or toy store. Yeah sure, we take her there sometimes but I have to spend at least 1 hour in there. It’s funny because you look like you’re having fun, but if that’s your 10th trip, it’s pretty hard be excited about your daughter jumping into the ball pit.

I try hard to muster a half-hearted yay! I think I’m a pretty committed mom. I mean, I don’t spend 90% looking at my phone, only checking to see if my daughter is still around at the inflatable slide. Well, some parents do that…

But no judging, right?

Sorry Naila.. mommy will try to be the best mom... forgive me for the half hearted yays and fake smiles. But if that's what it takes so be it! 

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