Sunday, November 9, 2008

Little Darlings

From top: Si Putih, Scabbers, Si Putih again, Maxie, Lucky, and assorted baby hamsters.

Five generations of hamsters in one year.


Bubbly Summer said...

Comelnya si putih itu!!! tembam!!!

i like looking at cute things like ur little darlings but i don't touch them. huhu..

my brother and father used to bela hamster jugak... siap beli playground cantik cantik... but my mom and me couldn't stand their smell.. =(

and hamster makan anak sendiri jugak kan??

how did u jaga them sampai molek begitu??

U must be good!!

pelajar x belajar said...

mmg la bagus.. if u noticed in the pics, she's teaching them to learn how to do her homework so she doesnt have to.. and she's feeding them chachos?! omg. haha.

i didnt know it was possible to tickle hamsters?! wow. much to learn, i have.

the only trick my new baby hamsters can do is pee in my hands.. -___-"

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