Thursday, July 29, 2010

The Yummiest Art

…….is culinary art!

CIMG0599 CIMG0600 CIMG0601 CIMG0597

When in doubt, eat Domino’s. We must all have our own emergency food service. What’s yours?

Moving on.. I know it looks like I’ve been doing nothing but eating all the while I’m at home, seeing that my last few posts were either about food or restaurants. Truth is, I’ve been fasting for the past week, hence the obsession with food, though I assure you that’s not all I do.

It’s amazing. I cook when I’m desperately hungry. That’s one way to make myself cook. In the past few days I made chicken fajitas, kuey tiaw noodle soup, egg drop soup and nasi goreng (ceh. Nasi goreng pun berlagak). Have I reformed or what???

If you can just close your eyes and imagine me crying while chopping onions and shredding chickens. Cutting bell peppers into cubes. Finding the darned sawi at the vegetable lane in a supermarket alone (They all look the same to me!). I ain’t the tidiest cook, nor can I call myself a ‘cook’ but following recipes is pretty easy. It almost felt like……. like…. doing experiments in the lab. Doink. Can’t run from it.

When I have made something half presentable I’m going to post so many pictures of my ‘art’ that you’re going to mistaken this blog as a food blog. For now I’m going to cook behind closed doors, like how some people sing in the bathroom only where they should be until they’re ready to go on stage. Till then.

Take care dudes and dudettes!

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