Sunday, December 30, 2012

Happy happy

jar of gardenia soaps

Can’t believe its end of the year already!! Time flies sooo fast.

I read a wonderful suggestion somewhere the other day. Get an empty jar, then for every happy momentous moment, write a note about it and keep it the jar! Let the notes accumulate for one year, then read it at the end of the year!

There’s so many things that gets us down and not much to remind us what’s good in life. This is just one way to literally count your blessings so I’m definitely going to try it :)

Anyways happy new Gregorian calendar year! =P


Yours truly,

Annoying master & the sleepy kitty


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Where Have I Been??

I don’t know what’s happening to this blog anymore. Though I am to blame 99% I get that. Another 1% is my laptop! It keeps crashing and I got really fed up. It’s 4 years old, an old grandpa in human years. So that’s why I got a new one!


I have to be honest. My favorite laptop ever is a macbook. They say, once you go Mac, you’ll never go back! BUT… macbook has its cons.. example software incompatibility, premium price. Well not really. Okay fine, actually hubby persuaded me to get a Dell. There were a couple of hiccups especially with windows 8 but I think I’m getting the hang of it now. Hence, back to blogging attempt!

Moving on… me and husband reached our first year anniversary!! Wee. Can’t believe it’s so fast! I remember getting married like it was yesterday! How did we celebrate? Over the phone and one day late. Thanks to husband’s offshore assignment. Not that I’m grumbling or anything.

Honestly it’s quite hard because I’m soo used to having him around, with our little routines, in our little house and with our little cat. We moved in together literally since day 1 which was on our wedding day. We usually look forward to plan our weekends together. Get excited over our planned trips. It’s always big trips or little trips. Or little projects. The last time he left for a while which was in November, we were in the midst of planning our balcony garden.

But since he had to stay offshore for a couple of weeks at a time, I moved back into my parents house. That is, if he’s not around because he doesn’t want me to be alone (aww) and also because I DON’T WANT TO BE ALONE. Ladida. Now it’s like I’ve never moved out!

With my new swanky laptop and old-found life, I wish to be blogging again because I’ve missed it so muchhh!!! God knows who even reads the stuff I write, but to those who bear with me, I say THANK YOU, XIE XIE may we be friends (or net friends) and grow old together.

Till next time, ciao! xx
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