Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Superstar Party & Scout’s Rule

How do you react when a colleague asks whether you’d like to go to a superstar party in Sunway when you’re on the phone, talking to someone? You nod her off. She took it as a ‘yes’ to her question. That was how my name got reserved for a bling bling party. But of course, I didn’t go.

I don’t have to explain-lah. I don’t party unless it’s with a bunch of close friends, closed venue, closed everything; perhaps with dance mats, twisties, lots of makeup and maybe Paranormal Activity 2.

Anyways I’ve been putting in a piece of clothing into the suitcase every day. Honestly I feel like crying. Have you tried packing for 10 days with the possibility of NOT being able to wash any piece for that duration? Horror I tell you. What’s worse is trying to fit everything into one medium-sized suitcase without tearing it.(I’m so going to make a travel guide once everything gets sorted out.)

The bbs (2 big bosses) have been nothing short of supportive of my holiday. I really try to avoid discussing my holiday with them because it’s like a paradox--- it’s almost like they pay me for going on a holiday when they talk about it. Which makes me feel uncomfortable. But they almost encourage it(??) One has been there, and another one wants to go there. Figures. I work at the wackiest office with the wackiest bosses.

One conversation went like this:

Boss A: so have you packed for the holiday?

me: Yea, but it’s hard to pack for 10 days!

Boss A: well, you know the scout’s rule?

me: Um. No.

Boss A: This is how you pack for 4 days--- you take 2 socks, 2 underwear. You wear one pair a day, next day turn inside out, then turn front to back. That one pair can last 4 days.

me: …gross

Of course he was joking and of course, no way I’m doing that. So much for scout’s rule. –_-

Peace out!


humairah said...

10 days?? wow.. nak g travel mane adila?

Adil said...

NZ! :D

Geekazoid said...

this is how i pack for 4 days, pack two shirts two pair of pants, 1 pair of socks n 2 pairs of underwear. shirt n pants, alternate daily, socks last for a week. underwear use one per day, other two days.... rofl.

Adil said...

another two days... try to survive somehow? make makeshift underwear? Ive got a hard time leaving things to fate. Anyway nowadays there're these things called "disposables".

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