Monday, March 30, 2009

Cooler than leather pants

On the way back home this evening, I saw a couple presumably husband and wife riding on a really cool looking motorbike.

It was RED in color. I think it was Kawasaki brand.

Anyways it was the high powered superbike type and they both looked like the coolest couple on earth. I hope I’m that cool in 10 years. Just a thought.

This month will mark the 4th month of internship and I’ve learned two important things about myself: I’d rather be banished to another country rather than work 9-5 on a daily basis; and no amounts of restraint will keep me from spending my money as if I’m Warren Buffet’s daughter, only much much much poorer divide by 100.

I figured my most viable solution is to marry a rich person and these two problems will be solved. Just like Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic right? Things seem to work out for her just fine. Sighs. If only life’s as easy as a happy ending. That would be beyond cool.

Someone told me the shopaholic movie isn’t as good as the book. But then again all hail to any adapted movie that surpasses the book. Oh yeah. All hail Lord of the Rings! I wanna give those Hobbits a big hug.

Back to shopaholic the movie, I haven’t watched it yet. Been caught up with the weekend activities, work and whatnots but I’m planning to make a beeline for it any chance I get. You should also; for reasons that the Confessions of a Shopaholic is a cool book and you know, we’re all in the spirit of boosting the country’s economy.

p/s: Count how many times I said cool.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

The One Million Dollar Question

How do we extinguish ourselves from the rest of the world?

Feelin' small.

One against the world.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Fair Weekend


Date: 28 March 2009
Time: 12pm - 12am
Place: SOHO Mont Kiara

Yay hopping on the bandwagon.

Picture credit: clarinetgirl on flickr

Saturday, March 21, 2009

When There's Nothing Better to Do

… make a Mid-Year's Resolutions List.

Last term, my English lecturer (professional communication skills lecturer, I dare say) talked to us about the bucket list. Basically a bucket list is a list of things to do before you kick the bucket or literally, die. Frankly speaking I don’t have the motivation for a bucket list because god knows how long that’ll take to accomplish and I would forget all about it next year.

So instead of a bucket list, I’m coming up with the Mid-Year Resolution. I mean, how clever is that right?? By now, we’ve all done the new year’s resolution or doing it already or totally ignore it. What’s better than a renewal of the resolutions!

I’m thinking that I need to complete this before July 10 or all hope is lost. If you’re wondering what’s after, that’ll be my return to the college of doom where only the toughest survive.

1. Pass beginner Mandarin

Chinese people are unique, their country is huge, I’m fascinated by their culture after watching so many countless hours of Discovery channel on China. Chinese people are the emerging movers and shakers of the business world. Plus the local chinese can speak our language, and we can’t speak theirs. I find it a bit arrogant on our side.

…And Jerry Yan is Chinese.

2. Wear all types of hijabs that’re available

This one just occur to me last month I think. Because life is too short and there are so many hijabs.

3. Save money enough for a backpacking trip in Europe

Though it is unknown when I’m going to Europe. But sometime later when there’s a long holiday and there come a time when me and my friends are running out of things to do, I wanna be the one who says, “Let’s go to Europe!” And my friends, who have read this and decide to save along wimme and accumulated enough dosh to travel to Europe will answer, “I’m in!”.

4. Step in every mall in Klang Valley

Hm. I wanna do this because I don’t wanna miss out on great things sold at different places. Ok well, not really. I don’t actually have a reason for this. It’s just that I love to shop. It’s better than walking at the park, better than tv, better than ice-cream, better than driving like a drunk. It’s the sudden rush you get from buying something new and touchable in your hands. That happy content feeling of buying something you always wanted. I feel those cliches that come with the word shopaholic. I am one of those.

5.Read at least 4 books a month

Shopping trumps driving like a drunk, but reading trumps shopping. *Sheepish*

Maybe I’m blessed with an overly stimulated imagination, because reading is fun when it goes over 4 hours or so. Or maybe I’m simply a geek who wants to read at least 4 books a month. Of course reading also makes you cleverer and adds more words to your vocabulary.

I know it doesn’t make sense, but reading a book to me is as calming as doing yoga for some. Therefore reading 4 books keeps me sane, if that make sense to you.

Im a reading pro

Don't bother me when I'm reading.

6. Er, cook

I’ve been postponing this for how long I dunno. So far, I’ve manage to get out of sticky situations ie. on mom’s side, the maids does the cooking for family gatherings thus I’m saved.

On dad’s side I just eagerly volunteer to wash the dishes and if they (usually uncle) usher me to the kitchen, I’ll stick to mom’s side at all times listening to silent orders and pretend to know what I’m doing. Oh god, it’s so hard to pretend I’m telling you. It doesn’t do anything for my self-esteem that everyone actually knows that I cook zilch but pretending to not know for my sake.

It’s horrible! My family is all from the North and they expect me to know how to come up with a 3 course meal plus drinks. Desserts. Punches. Kuihs. Floats. I dont know!

I don’t need to learn to cook to live! urgh whatever. I’ll learn to make a mean chocolate cake so everybody can stuff their mouths and be quiet.

I’m ganna change no 6 to Baking a Mean Chocolate Cake.

That concludes my list of things to do before I return to the college of doom. Anyways I’ll update on this when there are things to update on. I’ve started on the reading 4 books a months thing. On to my 3rd book this month.

Last week I went to MPH’s warehouse sale in PJ and all books are discounted up to 70% which means book rampage!!!!! If you’re as crazy about books as I am, then the sale is totally worth it. I only bought 5 books though, wishing for more than that. They were all new books and Twilight series sold for half price which in my opinion, is a –censored word-. Oh destiny what you bring upon me!

OK, enough rambling. I’m out.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oodles of Thought

How does it feel to write an honest post. Expose your deepest fear and leaving you feeling bare for everyone to see. I’m scared of judgments, and for that I judge people less. I’m scared of scrutiny, therefore I scrutinize very little. I must break out and be less of a people pleaser!


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My Boss My hero

That’s not what I’m going to talk about actually.

I feel compelled to discuss about this particular subject because as interns, me and my friends learn about new rules and regulations every day. For instance, in the company I work for, it’s OK to eat in meetings, be it meetings with low ranked workers (ie, us) or meetings with the big bosses. In fact for every meeting, there are 2 types of kuih, fried noodles, tea & coffee and everyone starts poking their forks in the noodle as soon as the chairman says, “Goodmorning everyone”. By the time one person is in the middle of his presentation, everyone will be passing food around the table.

But enough about food.

Every company has it’s organizational chart. Every procedure, plan, implementation must be run through the people in the chart from the bottom to the top. It goes up, if the upper ranks don’t agree, it’ll go down again, then go up until the higher ranks approve.

Funny thing the other day when a bunch of us went for a walkabout around the plant to observe hick-ups. There was me, 2 other buddies, my boss, and a couple of my boss’s boss. Let’s call my boss, Mr Kool (I’m feeling extremely creative today), my boss’s boss, Mr Pringles and two of my friends Hi & Di. Mr Pringles observed something out of place during the walkabout, turned to Mr Kool and said, “Kool, please take note of that.” In which Mr Kool turned to Hi and said, “Hi, please take a look at that.” I thought Mr Pringles could’ve simply talked to Hi directly since he was right there beside Mr Pringles. But No… he had to get all high and mighty did he…

I’m sure if there was something lower than an intern, Hi would probably turn and pass that down but since we’re at the bottom of the ladder, the implementation rests on our shoulders…

The same goes to scolding a.k.a. ‘Fire’. Big-time boss scolds boss for a hick-up, boss then scolds little boss which then scolds someone lower (temporary? interns?). Behold the schematic diagram of the scolding ranks for easier understanding.


In a company, it goes like that. Big-time bosses don’t go around screaming and throwing books on intern’s heads. In fact, they simply know us as ‘interns’, or the 4 interns or those UTP interns. Even if we screw up, they won’t blame us. They’ll blame boss. Boss will then relay messages to us.

I'm abit awed by this system in the beginning because from where I come from, we can go straight to the big guns. I'm also a little bit surprised to see people exercising big displays of emotions at the workplace. Let's face it, when was the last time we expressed ourselves openly to acquaintances ... perhaps in kindergarten. (my grandma told me that I shouldn't be friends with you because you're not fasting; I don't wanna be your friend because you're fat*cringes*. You get the idea.)

So when you hear stuff like, "That skirt makes you ugly", "I'm not a pleasant person to work with, you should've finish it before I come here!" or "Hoi that's dangerous chemical, why the heck did you move it? Don't be stupid" you'll be like, cool, everyone's dissing.

Lesson today: Don’t skip ranks, or you’ll get derailed. And one more thing, always be prepared for scolding that will blow your stripy socks off.


Side note: I know I said something about taking a hiatus, but suddenly inspiration struck me after witnessing boss scolding little boss. Can't believe an unfortunate event churning an inspiration? Believe it now ;)


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

I'm Taking a Break

I haven't been a good blogger lately. It's so hard to sit down and write something when all you wanna do is escape the monitor glare. I stare at the monitor screen for long hours in the office that I see stars. Then come home to surf some more. My eyes have weird red lines in them from staring too much at the monitor. Even so, sometimes I ignore them and I'm sure I can be categorized as a "computer addict". They send people like me to rehab in China.

I want to learn traditional lady roles, namely cooking. but I'm scared of oil in the wok. I wish I was American. Then I would learn cooking minus the hot oil and not be whispered about at family soirées. Wish me luck, I'm buying a new oven. (because our last one was in year 1999)

One of my goals (note the plural) during internship and bunking at home is to learn mandarin. It's hard. Mandarin is hard. My Lao shi is from China, wo de lao shi cong zhong guo. When I said something in mandarin she said she could understand me. And she told me that's good, you have good pronunciation. At least I felt rewarded even a little bit. I don't care. At least a Chinese from China understood me! If that isn't to be celebrated for, then I dunno what is, seriously. And I can write a bit. I've only MASTERED two characters so far: me & you. I can recognize some other characters as well, but it's all very muddled. I might say "house" when it's actually "walking" or something like that.

I told you I've mastered the "me" & "you". Though I think my computer writing is slightly more passable than my real writing on paper.

I'll take everyone out for some peking duck if I could carry a conversation without pausing and looking stupidly into air for inspiration!!!!! So far, everyone has been amazingly supportive of me learning pu tong hua. I love you guys SSOOOO much.

I wanna catch up on a lot of things, and most importantly I don't wanna look at the monitor screen for infinite period of times. I wanna read 3 books a week like I used to. I wanna go shopping. I wanna bake. I wanna sleep at 10.30. I wanna try weigh like a normal person. If they won't send me to rehab, I'll try rehabbing myself.

That's godly long for a title such as "I'm taking a break". I should've wrote "Hello, I'm going off the virtual world for a while till.... I dunno when. Don't miss me. Bye bye. Be good!"

But you get my point right? I won't be writing for a while. Maybe 2 weeks, who knows.
Goodbye for now. Me eyes are hurtin.

xoxo <3

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Adventures of the pampered hamsters

Featuring Milo, Cholte, Kasturi, Obama & Sinichi

CIMG2870 copy

“YEAHHH I GOT OUT!!! ………………uh. So now what?” - Milo

CIMG2886 copy

“It’s a small world.” - Sinichi

CIMG2875 copy

“Don’t Disturb. Come again at night.” - Cholte

CIMG2873 copy

“Shake ma thang, walawala shake ma thang” - Milo

CIMG2880 copy

“After a day’s work.” (Running) - Cholte

CIMG2847 copy

“I’m camouflaging. Shoo go away.” - Obama


“My teammates are counting on me in the hamsterlympics!” - Kasturi

CIMG2895 copy

“Back to work!.” - Cholte

Hamsters are really fun to care for!! They’re not like mice or gerbils or rats. They’re very cuute.., not expensive and very hygienic by nature.

One thing that surprised me is how distinct their personalities are from each other. That’s something nobody told me before I took them into my care. I prefer these teddy bear hamsters because first, they’re the largest out of other common hamster types such as the dwarf hamster or the roborovski hamster. Second, they’re easy to tame and won’t bite unlike the more aggressive little hamsters. Third, they respond to you when you call them, especially with food and they’ll come to you and grab the food with their tiny forefeet.

They love to stand on their hind legs which makes them appear like bears, especially the brown ones. One reason why kids choose hamsters is because they’re somewhat low maintenance compared to other house pets such as cats, dogs, rabbits etc. They eat almost anything, I’ve given them chocolate in the past. As snacks of course.

I didn’t buy all five hamsters. They procreated and I couldn’t give them away! I keep them in three separate cages because not all of them get along. Milo will attack any other hamster in her sight, so she gets her own cage. Cholte stays with her aunty Kasturi and Sinichi stays with Obama.

That’s it for now. Hope you enjoyed the pictures. I’m putting up a badge saying I’m a proud hamster owner! You can take it if you want, but please link back to this blog. Take Care!

proud hamster owner copy
Copy this link here for the badge:-

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