Monday, November 30, 2009

Raya And The Zoo

car moving

Hi! I’m in Penang. I caught the shopping bug and I bought so much from the flea markets eventhough I sweared not to spend a single cent! You know how that always work out…

I was ganna talk about my raya haji but decided to make a slideshow instead. You know what they say, “pictures speak a thousand words.”(like the most overused sentence in the history of mankind).

Oh! And I saw the CUTEST thing ever. A Barney car!!! AWW. And it’s all purple-ish. Yummilicious. I guess Barney the dinosaur wanted to visit his friends (or food) at the zoo…

cute barney car

P/s: Milo is hanging in there. She's gettin better. Woot!

Friday, November 27, 2009

My Funny Hamster

First off, Happy Eiduladha!

I’m back in my kampung in Perak. We just had lunch, kari kepala ikan. The past two days had been travelling days. First I drove back from Ipoh to KL; then the following morning me and my family drove back from KL to north of Perak.

Two days ago when I got back from UTP, my mom and brother just came back from the vet. Milo is sick. She got her antibiotics shot and the doctor said she’ll recover. The day after that, her condition got worse so we took her back to Perak with us. Now she can barely eat, her eyes are watery and open, and her mouth is really swollen. She’s holding up, but I don’t know until when. She can’t eat anything hard, so I boil an egg for her. Milo is almost 2. She’s the most assertive and strong willed hamster ever. She’s given birth to almost 20 pups so far and most of them lived. I just can’t stand seeing her suffer like this. My brother (who’s least attached to the hamsters) even said he’s sorry looking at her. Cause she looks so beat up, it breaks my heart!

I look at these hamsters almost everyday and they’re really funny and cute. And when you’ve taken care of one for almost 2 years, I dunno. I wish the doctor could operate on her but she couldn’t. They never operate hamsters. They’re too delicate and small.

I just hope she gets better. I apologize for the somber mood on this auspicious day. But I just needed to write about her anyway, to get it off my chest.

P/s: I’ll post pics of my eiduladha soon. Take care everyone~

Sunday, November 22, 2009

New Moon

I thought it’s coming out 20th November in Malaysia. Turns out it’s on the 26th. My friend was really excited about going to see the movie today, since she’s finished her final exams but was all “it’s not out yet…” I’m of course still cooped up in the room a.k.a. nest.

I found this Jimmy Kimmel interview with the trio from Twilight, or rather New Moon fame. Taylor Lautner is cute. The interview is really funny, it had me in stitches. You have to watch. Here. Oh and make sure you watch part 2, 3, 4 as well.

Btw, I plan to watch the movie on the day it comes out in the movies but I’ll be going back kampung because of aidiladha. Tough luck I guess. I’ve watched people’s review on Youtube. I don’t normally do that but this is a special case cause I’ve read the whole twilight series which is pretty much the biggest spoiler already.

Just a short post to break the monotony of RESERVOIR ENGINEERING. *cue scary ghost songs* Ok take care!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Wash, Rinse, Repeat

I don’t like everything that I write. So I deleted. Period. Emo.

Here’s a link to something yummilicious:

Amr Diab! I’ve been obsessed with all this music genres for the longest time. Arabic, Indian, Pakistan, Japanese, you name it. I’ve only gotten a few of them but I like them. They’re like jewels in my playlist! One more paper to go then I won’t be so out of my head anymore and I’ll get to go back to my wonderland. Yippie!

Oh gosh. I’m bein so inconsistent with my writing. I meant to write a lot of stuff but when I just psych myself up to write, I always end up staring at a blank page for 10 minutes. Either that or furiously deleting every sentence I write. What a fruitless effort.

I’m better off rambling this way. I’m actually really good at rambling useless random stuff. Anything that comes to mind just ramble on. In fact in school I was often told off by teachers in class cause I’m always talking to my friends when the teachers were teaching. But my friends didn’t mind you know? Yeah I remember now. It used to be so fun and free.

I also used to talk alot in class during foundation years because I had this one friend who could totally relate and we’d talk on and on and on, like non-stop during classes and other times. Then you know, I tried talking to others also in class but usually the response will be shush. Or wait 5 minutes, I gotta listen to this. I used to think I had ADHD because my attention span would be 15 minutes tops before I got bored and wanting to bounce off the lecture chairs. But over the years, I guess that changed. I grew up into being the person that listens to lectures. Like, whatever.

The funny thing is, I swear I could listen to what the teacher is teaching while I talk to my friends. That happens alot of times. If I’m reading my "petroleum exploration” notes, great ideas come into my head and swimming and teasing me to take a hold of it. I’d start seeing my future pathway, what I’m ganna do after graduation, topics I could write on my blog, new clothes I’d love to buy, my to-do list. I’d also suddenly remember the plates that haven’t been washed, the hamsters that haven’t been fed, the word I was searching for last night, lady gaga’s new song. It’s freaking distracting I tell you. It’s like oh great, when I need my brain capacity the most, all this mumbo jumbos come knocking on the brain door. You know what I mean.

So yeah. I’m heading off now. I’m going to write more hopefully during the holidays cause I’ve got no more excuses then! Take care. xoxo

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