Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wise Man Warren Says

Warren Buffett is one of the people I look up to. He’s always coming up with brilliant quotes that made me think. Some of my favorites are written down below:-

  1. If you hit a hole in one on every hole, you wouldn’t play golf very long.
  2. If you don’t make mistakes, you can’t make decisions.
  3. There comes a time when you ought to start doing what you want. Take a job that you love. You will jump out of bed in the morning. I think you are out of your mind if you keep taking jobs that you don’t like because you think that it will look good on your resume.

You know why I bother with quotes? These people have been successful in life so I thought heeyyy tips to be successful too! Ever since I had that realization, I just started favoring quotes. Maybe it’s a weird reason but whatevers.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Last Weekend and Father’s Day

I haven’t been online for quite a bit. Life has demanded more effort from me than to lounge around. I wanted to write a lot. In fact I thought of writing everytime something remotely interesting happened in my life. You know what they say about writer’s block; or was it just laziness? It’s probably a mixture of those two.

For those who know me, you’ll be fully aware that I’ve very recently been relieved of student duty. I’m not sure I can tell you how I feel about it. It’s like bowl of Thai Tom Yam, sour, sweet, a little spicy and sometimes salty.

I’ve been around and about. The week was fulfilling to say the least. Me and mom had a girls day out, spent the weekend with kenduris and “spring cleaning”, went for a job interview on Wednesday yada yada.

Sunday was Father’s Day. Our family is really weird when it comes to celebrating mother’s day or father’s day. That’s because we don’t. Yesterday happened in the spur of the moment when my youngest brother suggested we went to Sunway Lagoon. Off we went just the three of us: me, my brother and my dad.

I wish I could put a leash on my 11 year old brother because he’s super duper HYPER like hell and dashes all the time. And me, I’m really paranoid of losing him in the masses of half naked people. Not that half-nakedness have to do with anything. God knows how many times in the past that my brother was lost and found in a drain or something like that.

And guess who did I ran into? Hugh Jackman..........!!!! We bumped into him with his wife, and we played in the tide pool together. Just kidding. If only life was like that.

Later we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp. If you’re at risk of high blood pressure, I really do not recommend this place because you’re definitely tempted to try their “20 types of shrimp!” or macaroni and shrimp! Another one was shrimp hearties! I’m definitely shrimped out for the next 2 weeks.

Father’s Day was fun. Let’s leave it at that. Hope everyone had a nice weekend!

It’s never too late to wish Happy Father’s Day! When was the last time you spend the day with your dad?

Monday, June 14, 2010

Universiti Teknologi Petronas in 100 Words

Serene. Green. Taman Maju. Bandar Seri Iskandar. Hot. Humid. Isolated. Competitive. DC++. TV series. Movies. Nasi Lemak kukus. Air cond. Pocket D. Dance Mat Competition. Ipoh.


Swimming pool. Tennis court. Morning swimming laps. Beach ball. Field. Lake. Fishes. Kayak. Basketball hoops. Sports carnival. Convofair. MAKK dinner. Midnight mamak. Birthdays. Midnight trips.


8 o’clock lectures. Academic buildings. Labs. Tutorials. 15 minute classes. 10 minute walk. Cool rainy days. Crazy dance mat competitions. UTP Open. UTP close. Dance classes. Camping classes.


Hot plate. Cooking instant food. Room makeovers.


Mahathir talks. Adjunct lectures. Late night movies. Late night chats. Shopping trips. Groceries shopping trips. Cannonball into the pool. Pool photo shoots. Pool scandals. Beach balls.

swimming pool

chancellor hall

Wearing sweater as if it’s winter. Relieved that we’re shielded from rain at academic building. Green green grass. Flora and fauna. Big lizard. Colorful birds. Owl.




Monthly mega shopping trips. Bicycle rides. Rollerblading at the park and falling down. Touching fish. Jogging in the evening. Outdoor carnivals. Jetski on the lake. Mini bike. Go-karts.


Late night laughs. Late night snacks. Mini makeovers and salons.

chancellor halllll


Exams crikey. Study week. Presentations. Professors and Associate Professors. Drowsy and hungry in class. Backbenchers gossip. Sleeping mates.



It’s been five years, guys. Forgive but don’t forget.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Days My Shampoo was Called Johnson’s Baby Shampoo

I dunno about you but getting sick makes me nostalgic. In the afternoon, I went out with 3 things on my shopping list: a cough syrup, a Johnson’s baby shampoo and magazines.

First I went to Carrefour, looked around like I usually do then went to the children’s aisle. I browsed the entire Johnson’s line and remembered those times when I used to stare at them in my bathroom at the age of 5. It felt weird picking the shampoo up, because I remember the smell and how my mom told me to look up so that shampoo doesn’t get into my eyes.

Carrefour didn’t have a pharmacy unfortunately. I checked out with only two stuffs, waiting behind a white lady who had a truckload of stuff like papers and sauces.

I went to 7 Eleven to pick up my mag and went to the pharmacy to get a cough syrup.

Tonight, after finding out the cough syrup didn’t work, I went to the doctor’s with my brother (cos I lost my glasses and couldn’t see a speck).

On the way, we stopped the indian bread motor guy(I’m not being racist, but over the years it’s always been the indian bread motor guy, never chinese motor guy or malay motor guy) and bought two plastics of kiddy junk food that we once salivate upon as 7 year olds.

At the clinic, the wait was fairly quick. I went in and brother wanted to tag along. After a thorough self-description of my illness to the doctor, he prescribed some meds. Suddenly out of nowhere he asked, “who’s this? Your husband?” all the while pointing to my brother.

I’m like WTF? I look old? That was the first thought that came to my mind. I took a look at my brother and with his super dense beard and moustache rivaling Gengkhis Khan’s I’m pretty sure it is him that looks 30. Damn. He makes me look old.

I don’t like looking too young, but I hate looking old. Who doesn’t right? Right?

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Poking Fun at Twilight

I love Twilight but you gotta admit that sometimes fans go overboard with the Twilight mania. It's so ridiculous. On the other hand, there are people mocking twilighters. The videos are hilarious, I just had to share.

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