Sunday, December 21, 2008


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I've Really Caught the Twilight Bug Now

Sorry everyone, but I'm not ready to let go of Twilight just yet. All this time, I've scoured the bookstores in Klang Valley to no avail. Twilight is officially out of stock unless someone can tell me otherwise.

I went to MPH Mid Valley, Borders The Gardens, The Curve Borders, Popular in Leisure Mall and Cheras Selatan, and Times in Pavillion. My agents reported unavailability in Kinokuniya, in Times Square and in Sunway Pyramid. So like I said, it's pretty much sold out.

There's some on Ebay but those have crazy shipping prices from the US. I think I'll wait till the Twilight mania has toned down a notch and start looking again. But I'm not about to wait like a frog waiting for the rain(that's a very bad comparison) instead I've pre-ordered my copies from Popular.

It's cool, except that I have to wait for another month or so which prompts me to go on massive binge book buying to contain myself from ripping the Twilight book into two due to excessive impulsive reading. If it sounds scary, it actually is.

Occasionally, I'd stumble across pictures of the Twilight cast on the web and I'd save them in their own special folder called "cute". I'm posting some here for your viewing pleasure.

Meet superhero of the month doing my favorite pose of him. Look at that stare that says "BACK OFF" but to me it says "COME HERE".

They're both soo good looking I can't stop looking at them. It's a love triangle.

Okay this one has cuteness written all over it.

He's all scruffy here(I'm used to seeing him neat & trim) but scruffy or no scruffy, as long as he plays clean-shaven Edward Cullen, I'm up for it.

...And of course the ones from Vanity Fair:

That's it for now about my two favorite fictional characters. Don't worry, you'll see more of Bella and Edward in the future. There's at least another sequel to Twilight and 2 more books to go. Don't bite me >_<

Thanks mtv and instyle.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Source of Headache These Days

This is how a portion of my room looks like now. As you can see, it's really not very neat. In fact, that's an understatement because my room actually rivals the hamster cage. And perhaps the hamster cage will win hands down in terms of neatness.

I've been collecting junk without realizing it. Thing is, I can't seem to throw away anything--even plastic bags, which I stuff into a bigger paper bag. This have been going on since year 2000 since that was the year my family and I moved into the house.

These are some of my Reader's Digest and Archie comic books. I stopped reading the comic books when I was 15 but they're still on the rack. Now my younger brother continues expanding the collection of Archie.. (the one on the right side is an empty diary year 2003. Don't ask ~_~)

I couldn't even throw away boxes. It's a bit sad but I just know that I'm ganna need it someday. Whenever that is.

A part of my beloved collection of fiction books. Unlike other things, I sold off some of the books that I didn't like. So what's left here is concentrated Pulitzer, best-seller books. I'd rather eat worms than to have to burn/lose/give away the books. Can you spot Twilight?

My collection of mind-numbing magazines, except Times with the Benazir Bhutto cover. Yeah btw, Ashlee Simpson really looks better with her new nose.

Right now all those wicked stuffs are on the floor. I discard dirty clothes on the floor. Newly-washed clothes are discarded on the floor because even if I fold it, I'm going to have to take it out again right? So that's my mentality nowadays. Deep down inside, I know it's just a passing phase. I wasn't like this before, nor will I be in the future. This is now, and in the present where I feel kinda lost and unbalanced especially since now that I don't have a wardrobe. Or a book rack. Whatever. I'm out!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

At Last, the New Layout is Out

Behold The Layout Muse:-

Yea I know funny that the muse is a stationary object but this thing is all gorgeousness. Always wanted a necklace stand. I saw a lot of these in Mid Valley at the ground floor in the little stalls along the pathway.

Anyways this is the new layout, I purposely wanted it to have a clean and neat feeling to it. Because obviously other parts of my life couldn't be this neat. So at least my blog layout is.

I spent one whole Saturday tweaking and fine tuning the whole thing, from the header to the post and side sections. For your information, this is originally the minima stretch theme that blogger provides in the template, but I find it a bit dull because millions of other people have the same 'ol same 'ol minima. So I changed it a bit here and there--making a template from scratch would be too hard for me but I'm pretty satisfied with it right now.

Hope this one is easy on your eyes. I really tried to make it eye-friendly. If there's something to comment on, tell me k. Lalala. Ok going. Chao~

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Something About Being Frustrated/Annoyed

  • I surf for new blogs to read when I'm bored. So I come over to this blog with a witty name. I skimmed through the whole page and look at their blogrolls and proceed to another one. I usually go to the ones with a witty blog title because usually they're more fun. That's what I think anyway. Then I realize, alot of the blogs have witty names but completely irrelevant and not related to their blogs at all. Everyone's being so witty and clever that it's almost ridiculous. I feel ripped-off eventhough I didn't have to pay for anything.

  • Why do people feel the need to scream into their handphones? Phones have mics and people at the end of the line aren't deaf.

  • People who likes to assume stuff and actually tells it to your face. Usually, it's a bad thing. What a nerve.

  • People who throw garbage out of their car windows and spit on the road. I used to throw garbage out of the school bus because it was a norm. After buying snacks, the bus conductor would say, "Don't throw anything in the bus, just dump it outside." I did that for 5 years and so did everyone in the bus. Now I'm trying to make amends.
Actually, I'm frustrated with how difficult it is to put together a blogger template. I'm done with the header but that's the easiest part. The css is giving me such a headache. I want it to be online soon. Because I'm really sick of looking at that temporary one. LOLS.

Have a nice weekend.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I'm naturally annoyingly lembut, so shut up

sweet (swēt)
adj., sweet·est
1. having a sweet nature befitting an angel or cherub; "an angelic smile"; "a cherubic face"; "looking so seraphic when he slept"; "a sweet disposition" [syn: angelic]

nice (nīs)
adj. nic·er, nic·est
1. of good character and reputation; respectable.
2. exhibiting courtesy and politeness; "a nice gesture" [syn: courteous]

Since when is being sweet or whatever you call it a crime? I really hate it when somebody says I'm so lembut-- it actually sounds like something's wrong, like, lelaki lembut. OMG. And it's funny how people interpret being sweet as nice. I don't see the correlation at all. Seriously. People. I'm nice because I'm nice. It's not I'm nice because I'm sweet. Where the hell did all these people get this idea?

It's easy how everyone overlooks the fact that eventhough I'm sweet, I can choose to be like Paris Hilton. Or like a cheerleader who's all sweet outside but a devil inside. Then say, if I'm Paris Hilton and I'm sweet but I backstab my friends, everyone will be really shocked out of their mind and say things like, oh she's so phony.

My point really is, stop judging by the cover. And I'm not nice because I'm sweet. Sweet and nice are two very different things. I even had the decency to place definitions up there. So are you educated now?

p/s: Now stop looking at me like I'm a fragile thing. I feel like a freaking cripple. (I'm sorry. No offense to the disabled. I understand why you hate being treated with overwhelming sympathy.)
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